KC Litigation Support has the perfect blend of experienced staff, technology, and performance to meet your most challenging litigation projects. We have extensive experience in large mass tort and product liability litigation support.


Record Retrieval Services

Our record mining process averages 90% more record providers than originally identified and recovers 45% of initial no-record responses. We follow through with every record source individually to ensure a complete set of records.


We keep you informed with project progress reports and real-time development updates, delivered in secured electronic and hard copy formats. KCLS employs stringent security safeguards and follows all compliance and legal record collection regulations.


Imaging, Coding & Digital Archiving

KCLS employs top-of-the-line equipment to convert documents into a range of digital formats. We can digitally archive all documents for your firm, decreasing the risk, errors, costs and physical space constraints associated with paper-based record archiving and retrieval. Preserving your data in a digital, searchable format significantly increases efficiency, security, and also data accessibility.

KCLS has a wide range of services available including:

  • Large-volume scanning
  • Onsite Imaging
  • Blowbacks

Copying & Scanning Services

We provide a complete range of services including:

  • Large volume copy projects
  • Bindings of all types
  • Large format printing and copying
  • Color photos and color prints

KCLS can scan of X-Rays and other film media to digital format. Contact us for complete information on our services.